Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Into the Light—Co Dependency as a Spiritual Journey

Into the Light—Co Dependency as a Spiritual Journey came about in my work as a matter of necessity. The book contains the benchmarks I used, the shifts in perception I noticed, the ideas I contemplated, the things I journalized about just to see into my own blind spots. The essence of the change and recovery process is the absolute necessity of seeing what I have been blind to. I knew that I had to look at things differently; my problem was ... how to do that. My life, for the most part, was difficult, very difficult, and not a pleasant place to be. But I knew all of that needed to change. I noticed that my chosen career was not really my choice; in fact, it really was a royal pain in the ass.  I discovered that where “me and my life” were going was a disaster waiting for a place to happen.  In fact, as clarity settled within and around me, I noticed that the disaster(s) had already happened and had struck more than once. I was reeling from them. I was unconsciously working on the next disaster; my own worst enemy was who I had become. That’s when I woke up to the fact that I needed to do my life differently—but how?  This book is the construct I used to make a tool kit for life. I used my tool kit to find a place called Different. And what I discovered when I got there was that Different is a better place to be.
First Principle I Learned
Every Problem is a Spiritual Problem
Every Answer is a Spiritual Answer
A strong working relationship with Spirit and coming to terms with my rightful place in the universe—these are the defining qualities of recovery. It is a fact that we are all here on a journey. First, we must wake up to that fact, and then attempt to figure out just what the journey is supposed to be like. After that, get busy and get going. Personally, I knew I was supposed to do something, and I knew there was meaning to the entire mess I was in, but for the longest time it was a total mystery to me. I started my journey by learning how to meditate early in 1973, and that’s when I opened “The Door.”

The Spiritual Journey is a Very Scary Thing To Do,
Always was—Always will be.

Simple truth: I have to do this journey somehow, in some fashion at some time. My only choice is when I do it, not if I do it. That was a hard one to swallow.

Satiating Snacks for the Soul
... Opportunities to see things differently...
Not the way I have been trained to see
But instead
The way God intended me to see.

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